We are in the process of revolutionising the motor services industry!

It’s a bold statement we know, but we are working hard
to address some of the major problems within our industry by making
monumental changes to the way we look after our customers.

Feedback from a broad sample of motorists shows us that
taking your car in for service, repairs, or an MoT
is normally an ‘expected disappointment’!

To address this sad situation we are introducing a totally new Philosophy
which involves everyone in the company adopting a totally new approach to their jobs.  

Everything is now focused on developing the SYSTEMS
which will in ensure that our customers drive away delighted
…and recommend us to their friends.

…And we will continue to improve and develop these systems constantly and forever.
(and we hope our competitors will follow our example!)

Deming Car Services consists of three companies:

DEMING Car Services (Basingstoke) Ltd
(see above)


The DEMING Electronic & Mechanical Engineering Company Ltd
(research and development and eventually controlling our Franchise Network)


We Find Your Ideal Car Ltd
(The new Deming Car Buying Scheme – to be launched next month)


As we work on this exciting new venture
You can contact us on

01256 359 994

or email us


or find us on
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